Can I contact the Federation of Drama Schools for advice as a prospective student?

No, unfortunately we cannot answer questions individually about member schools or courses - you will need to contact each Drama School directly - the links on the Member Schools page will take you to each school.

Which are the best schools and courses?

Every school is different, and has slightly different approaches, so this really is a question of you looking at what each school offers, and what best suits your ambitions and preferences. You can search all the FDS School courses on our site.

Can you provide information about university courses and other training routes?

Sorry, but no. The Federation of Drama Schools is composed of Institutions which focus on delivering conservatoire based vocational training, so we are not best placed to know about other training options.

Get Into Theatre covers all the options available to students:


The Spotlight can provide some useful hints in respect of general approaches to training:


Sites like the following can offer information about the various options for post 18 years training in a higher education environment:




I’m not 18 yet, do you have any info about courses or other kinds of training I can do?

Many of the member schools may run short courses, summer schools and associate programmes etc, so check the individual sites for details. In general though, the Federation of Drama Schools doesn’t keep information about any other programmes. The Spotlight (see the link above) may be able to provide more guidance.

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