Finance, Funding and Bursaries

There is no one single way in which training can be funded. It varies depending on the school and the programme. There are two sources of government funding: Higher Education funding and Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA).

Higher Education (HE) Funding/ Student Loan

You may be eligible to receive a student loan of up to £9,250. You can find out all information about what you may be eligible for here

For MA programmes partial funding may be available from Student Finance

Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA)

The Government’s Dance and Drama Award Scheme provides grants for exceptionally talented people who wish to pursue a career as a performer. Awards are means-tested. The maximum Awards will fund 100% of a student’s course fee and provide them with an annual living allowance in the form of a grant (it does not need to be repaid). For further information visit

Advanced Learner Loans (ALL)

The Government’s Advanced Learner Loans provide students of 19 years and over a loan to help to fund their course. Loan eligibility does not depend on your income, there are no credit checks and they are available to those who have already had a student loan.

For further information visit

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Students/Non-UK EU Students

For further advice, please visit the following websites:




Northern Ireland

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