Why do we charge audition fees?

June 6th, 2019

Drama schools operate as non-profitmaking organisations in that all surplus revenue is re-invested in facilities, staff or equipment. The audition fee directly pays for the staff and facilities associated with the audition process and for many schools this includes extensive outreach work to geographically, culturally or economically challenged areas. Outreach programs directly assist students from those areas who would not otherwise have access to drama training. One of the schemes being piloted is a collaboration between 3 schools, ALRA, Italia Conti & Drama Studio London, to jointly audition prospective students in Newcastle and Doncaster at a reduced fee of £30 for all three schools.

Some schools also offer free auditions to looked-after or previously looked-after young people and anyone on a low income upon request

Some schools also reduce their fee for ‘early bird’ auditions and ALRA’s North campus will be offering this reduction all year round, most schools now operate a single, full day audition day, thereby eliminating the need for a 2nd audition or recall which previously incurred further costs for applicants. As part of the audition, some schools provide workshops and, when possible, feedback. Most audition days last at least 3 hours including a workshop so, represent exceptional value for money.

The audition process at every FDS school aims to be cost effective, informative, useful and fair.

The full outline of each member school’s audition process can be found on that school’s website. Schools should offer group workshops on voice, movement or general warm up before speeches are performed. This allows everyone the chance to be fully warmed up before their solo work and gives prospective students an introduction to the kind of work they will do on that course with the tutors who will teach them.

FDS schools are always seeking ways to connect with young, diverse talent who might otherwise not have access to conservatoire training and to forge partnerships with organisations anywhere in the UK and beyond.

If you’re struggling to find the audition fee speak to your drama teacher, your local council, your local theatre or arts organisation and most importantly your prospective school to find out what they can offer in reductions or free auditions.

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