The Federation of Drama Schools was established in 2017.

Originally founded in 1969 as the Conference of Drama Schools, the 22 member schools offered courses in Acting, Musical Theatre, Directing and Technical Theatre training, which were accredited by the National Council for Drama Training. In 2012, these 2 bodies merged to form Drama UK. In 2017, this organisation dissolved and the Federation of Drama Schools was created.

The Federation of Drama Schools partners are institutions that provide conservatoire vocational training for those who want to be professional performers, theatre makers and technical theatre practitioners. The courses they offer are for the most part for students of 18 years and over, who have completed their school level education.

Each Federation partner offers a range of different courses and programmes. They are also individual in terms of particular ethos and approaches- there is no ‘set’ programme or course of studies, just as there is no ‘fixed’ ideal of what characteristics make a great performer or performance maker.

All member schools do adhere to shared principles and hallmarks that underpin their training programmes. These hallmarks outline the key elements of a professional training experience and are what you should expect from any course that is intended to prepare you for a professional performance career.

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